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Verion Cymraeg Llyfryn Ymarfer
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Practice Charter

Standards Of Care

The Practice is devoted to achieving and maintaining a quality health service to meet your requirements.

Staff Protection

A zero tolerance policy towards violent, threatening and abusive behaviour is now in place throughout the National Health Service.

The staff in this Practice have the right to do their work in an environment free from such behaviour and everything will be done to protect that right.

At no time will any violent, threatening or abusive behaviour be tolerated in this Practice. If you do not respect the rights of our staff, we may choose to inform the police and make arrangements for you to be removed from our medical list.

Here to listen, not to tell

We provide a confidential service to all our patients, including the under 16s. This means that you can tell others about any visit - but we won't.

The only reason why we might have to consider passing on confidential information without your permission would be to protect you or someone else from very serious harm, although we would always try to discuss this with you first.

If you are being treated elsewhere, for example at a Hospital, it is best if you allow the Doctor or Nurse there to inform the Practice of any treatment you are receiving.

If you have any worries about confidentiality, please feel free to speak to a member of staff.

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